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Rotary Cogwheel | 09.29.2011

September 28, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today’s Program:  “Some Things Happening at Carleton” President Steve Poskanzer (Covey)

Happy Birthday: Gerhard Meidt, Hugh Kaste and Jim Blaha (9/27); Laurie Williams (9/28); Rob Bierman, Kurt Larson and Michelle Lasswell (9/29;) and Tom Durkin (9/30)

Next Week: Incoming Students Take Center Stage (V. Dilley)

Last Meeting:

The Northfield Area United Way campaign is off and running.

Betsy Spethmann, United Way executive director, said this year’s goal is $450,000. There are 17 workplace campaigns in play across the community, which she expects will raise almost three quarters of that amount.

The United Way funds 31 different local programs in five broad program areas: helping people in crisis, serving children and youth, promoting health and well-being, serving people with disabilities and strengthening the community. The recipient agencies are familiar but important to building human capital here in Northfield. They include: Northfield Community Action Center, HOPE Center, Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, scouts, after school programs, HealthFinders, senior programs, the American Red Cross, Project ABLE and many more.

Betsy encouraged members to participate in the community allocation panels. They decide how funds are allocated in the five basic program areas. She said it is both an informative and rewarding exercise.


Guests: Alene Fink (J. Larson), Sam and Jimmy from St. Olaf (V. Dilley), Beth Vivant (Spethmann) and our intrepid exchange students Aishwarya Gokhale, Felicia Speychal, Mathilde Mortensen, Nichapat Tishyadhigama, and Camilo Zuluaga Caicedo

Scholarship Enhancement:  Barry Carlson


John Ophaug delivered a $4,700 check for our sponsorship of the Central Park craft fair during Defeat of Jesse James Days.

— Rotary Responders will meet tonight (Thursday) at the Archer House.

— President Bierman thanked the order for all of the work done on behalf of the car raffle. Three and a half weeks and counting.

Coming Up

Oct. 13 – Jim Holden Classification Talk (Crane)
Oct. 20 – Foreign Affairs – Bob Flaten (Detert),
Saturday, Oct. 22 – Car Drawing – Dokmo Ford
Oct. 27
– John F. Koser  “You Too Can Build An Airplane”  (Wayne Abdella)