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Rotary Cogwheel | 04.14.2011

April 14, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today’s Program: Save the Depot, Rob Martin (Wilmot)

Happy Birthday: Marion (4/14) and Wayne Abdella (4/17)

Next Week: Miquel Speaks His Mind (B. Abdella)

Last Meeting:

Kathy Stetsman, a Rotarian from Austin, encouraged us to participate in any way we can in the Fast for Hope initiative. Now in its 17th year, it is a district program to raise funds for international service projects. She said we have the resources, and it is our time to eradicate poverty.

Elena Henrick, a member of a non-governmental organization working in Nicaragua, reported on a sustainable development model they are using in that country. Its emphasis is building partnerships with local communities so that local people take ownership of development projects and the stewardship that must follow.

Elena said an unhealthy pattern has developed over time, whereby neighbors to the north drop in with their service teams, but never get the local buy-in required to sustain the work. She said the biggest challenge is learning to be patient. They have been working with local communities since 2007. There have been no building projects. Their time has been spent creating space so meaningful dialogue and team-building can occur.


Presentations: Jack Gibbons, a Lakeville Rotarian and district representative of the Paul Harris Foundation, recognized the contributions to the foundation of several of our club members. They are: Dean Johnson, Bill Carlson, Brett Reese, Chris Weber, Greg Carlson and David Brown.

Guests: Jack Gibbons (Reese), Julie Schnopowski (Wakely), Kathy Stetsman and Clarice Grabau (Dilley).

Scholarship Enhancement: Jane Fenton


— Jim Blaha reminded us that this is National Volunteer Week. He praised members of Habitat for Humanity for their work remodeling the food shelf at the Community Action Center.

— Charlie Cogan announced several ways of contributing to disaster relief for the Japanese.

— Charlie also acknowledged the passing of Bawa Mankaubi, a Rotarian from Togo, who had visited our club several years ago.

Coming Up

April 28 – Mary McNulty, President of “You are Special”  (VanBlarcom) May 5 – Russ Halverson, classification (Bierman)

May 12 – Martha  Paas, Inflations, Deficits, and Recessions (Will)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Devon Barnes, Beth Bergmans, Ryan Blumhoefer, Barry Carlson, Jim Holden, Michelle Lasswell, Tim Madigan,

Don Robertson, Betsy Spethmann and Roberto Zayas