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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.31.2011

March 30, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today’s Program: Matt Hillmann, Classification

(C. Richardson)

Happy Birthday: Steve Ryan (3/28) and Beth Bergmans (4/2)

Next Week: Elena Henrick, Nicaraguan NGO

(L. Dilley)

Last Meeting:

Therese Whitesong walks in many worlds.

She is a local insurance agent. She is a mother. She grew up on a farm in rural Iowa. She learned Native American traditions from her grandmother. She has a masters’ degree in Music Therapy. She has had a near-death experience and has learned much about life and love from raising a disabled child.

Therese drew on all of these experiences for a unique presentation. She played a Native American drum, while Jean Wakely narrated Therese’s life story. It wasn’t so much a story of dates and places. It was more about her spiritual journey, how she borrowed from many traditions and spiritual disciplines to discover her core values, which are: living simply, walking in peace, honoring self and others by practicing integrity, building community and practicing a sustainable lifestyle. She said she has a deep appreciation for life and tries to live each day to the fullest.

Her daughter Steph, now 21, almost died at birth. In fact, Therese said she was dead for five minutes before being revived. The experience left Steph a quadriplegic, unable to speak. Over the years, Therese and Steph have developed alternative communication methods and discovered “the beauty and the power of silence.”


Presentation: Rotary presented representatives of The Key with a check for $1,250, the proceeds from the Valentine Day rose sale.

Guests: Steph Whitesong, Amy Merritt, Becca Schlichter and George Zuccolotto (Estenson), Mary Ellen and Bill Schmelzer (Schmelzer), Astrid and Jochen (Yogi) and Riana Dilley (V. Dilley).

Scholarship Enhancement: Jodi Fritz


The district meeting will be April 15 and 16 at the Prom Center in Oakdale. If you want to sign up, go to the District 5960 website and register.

— Matt Hillmann needs drivers to transport our RYLA representatives to and from RYLA camp. They need to be delivered to Hudson, Wis. on Friday, April 15, and picked up in St. Paul on Tuesday, April 19.

— Neal Lutsky a distinguished teaching award from the American Psychology Foundation.

—Mark Abbott reported that he has received contributions from several local Rotary Clubs toward the Thailand project. We are making progress.

Coming Up

April 6 — New  Member Orientation (Bierman)

April 14 – Save the Depot, Rob Martin  (Wilmot)

April 21 – Incoming Student, Miguel Carvalho, (B. Abdella)

April 28 – Mary McNulty, President of “You are Special”  (VanBlarcom)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Devon Barnes, Beth Bergmans, Ryan Blumhoefer, Barry Carlson, Jim Holden, Michelle Lasswell, Tim Madigan,

Don Robertson, Betsy Spethmann and Roberto Zayas