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Rotary Cogwheel | 02.10.2011

February 9, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011

Today’s Program: Betsy Spethmann, Classification (Young)

Happy Birthday: Rotarians everywhere!

Next Week: Marion Arpin, our exchange student from France, (O,Neill)

Last Meeting:

Mary Rossing’s 60-second classification talk:

Born in 1962 at Stanford Medical Center. Father was a physicist; mother was a food scientist. Mary had four siblings, all of whom do interesting things. She went to St. Olaf. Has been in business for 14 years and is now our mayor. Whew!

Land Development Code

Little bit of a snoozer, but Bryan O’Connell of the Northfield Community Development staff, gamely tried to inject some excitement into our introduction to the city’s Land Development Code.  He didn’t oversell it. He acknowledged that the 306-page, Michener-like tome is not great reading, but it is necessary for codifying the community’s values and vision for future development. It is essentially the rulebook for what people can build and where. Zoning maps, process matrices and charts abound.

Its genesis is the city’s comprehensive plan, which was passed in 2008. Since then, the Planning Commission, which includes our own Ivan Imm and Jim Herreid , has labored to ensure our ordinances  accurately reflect the intent of the comprehensive plan.. People will be asked to comment on the Land Development Code at a public meeting Monday, Feb. 14, 7 p.m. at Community Resource Bank. The document is available on the city’s website.


Guests: Geralyn Sheehan (Taylor), Marion, Nikolaj, Tatiana and Miguel (Weber), Andre and Auggie (Dilley), and Ryan Blumhoefer (Whitesong).

Scholarship Enhancement: Our guest and prospective member Geralyn Sheehan..


— For those who ordered roses for the “Big Day,” don’t forget to pick them up at the key Sunday, Feb. 13, or Monday, Feb. 14.

— A Rotary social with the NDDC is planned for the Grand Event Center tomorrow night. Trailer Trash will be in the house so polish up your swing dancing. There will be a social hour from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. preceding the music.

Coming Up

Feb. 11 – Rotary Social & Blues Band with the NDDC at the Grand

Feb. 13, 14 – Rose sale with Key Kids

Feb. 24 – Old Prairieville Cemetery, Tim & Sue Lloyd (Stevens)

March 3 – Peter Schmelzer, Classification( Braucher)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Beth Bergmans, Barry Carlson, Jim Holden, Tim Madigan,

Don Robertson, Betsy Spethmann and Roberto Zayas