Northfield students place in Kids Voting poster contest

January 12, 2011

PosterIn November, the Northfield Rotary Club sponsored the Kids Voting program. As part of that program, Northfield students competed in community-wide poster contest focused on the theme “Honor a Veteran.” First place poster entries were submitted in the state-wide Kids Voting Poster Contest.  This year, there were over 200 entries comprised of other 1st place winners from communities across the state of Minnesota.  Two of our local first place winners were recognized as 2nd place winners in the state-wide Kids Voting Poster Contest.

  • 2nd place, grades 3-5 division, Katie Brust in Paula Baragary’s 5th grade class at Sibley Elementary School
  • 2nd place, grades 6-8 division, Noah Schomberg in Krista Betcher’s 6th grade class at the Middle School

These winners will receive additional prizes from Kids Voting Minnesota.  In addition, their posters are currently displayed at the Youth Honor a Veteran website: