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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 11.04.2010

November 3, 2010


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010

Today’s Program: “Change is Imperative” Kari Thurlow, Vice President of Advocacy, Aging Services of Minnesota (Nordine).

Happy Birthday: Steve Wilmot and Sue Boxrud (11/5)  and David Brown (11/6)

Next Week: Incoming Exchange Student Nikolaj Svendsen

Last Meeting:

A school-within-a-school for academically at-risk 9th graders is in its second year at Northfield High School.  The 9th Grade Academy encourages involvement, development, and rigor to help selected students succeed at the high school and beyond.  The 65 students who participate in the academy are surrounded by a team of dedicated teachers and staff with high expectations for success.

“A Study Center on Steroids,” is how High School Principal Joel Leer described it, as he introduced the club to his team of Academy players:  T.J. Wiebe (science), Jill Ertl (social studies), Lisa Battaglia (reading), Alyssa Jilek (educational assistant) and Jess Fraser (English.)

Incoming 9th grade students are identified for the Academy based on reading scores, grades and attendance, and recommendations from teachers and counselors, T.J. noted.  They do the same lessons as their peers in regular 9th grade classes, but for some periods of the day, they follow a cohorts through their academy schedules to small-group classes in English, social studies, and science.  Academy lockers and classrooms are also in close proximity.

The curriculum is focused on building skills in core academic areas that include structured reading and writing, employment of academic and behavioral interventions, and test preparation


activities, among others.  The early results for the Academy are very promising, as reading scores continue to improve, more coursework gets turned in on time, and attendance rises.

About two dozen students who were in Northfield’s 9th Grade Academy last year continue to get extra support as sophomores in science, English and social studies.

Guests: Amy Merritt, Danny Dubrow, Audrey Hamann of the Northfield Union of Youth (Fenton), inbound student Miguel Carvalho (Barry Carlson), Judy Covey (Covey)

Scholarship Enhancement: Rich Lorang


— Contact Mike Lane if you can volunteer for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot.

— Thanks to Jane Fenton, photos from the recognition dinner/Halloween-themed social will soon be posted to our Rotary web site.

Coming Up:

Nov. 18 –Lori Pappas, Ethiopia  Global Team –

Local Initiatives, Helping people help themselves (Reese)

Nov. 25 – Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Beth Bergmans, Barry Carlson, Tim Madigan, Roberto Zayas