Kids Voting 2010 Information

November 1, 2010

The Northfield Rotary Club will be sponsoring Kids Voting on November 2. Kids Voting Minnesota is a grassroots, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to educating Minnesota youth about the rights and responsibilities and mechanics of participating in American democracy. Students in grades kindergarten through twelve may accompany their parents/guardians to the polling site on Election Day and vote for the same candidates and issues as adults. Though not part of the official results, student votes are tallied and reported at schools and by the media. (Source:

Northfield children can vote at most polling places within the Northfield Public School district boundaries. The following list illustrates the polling places where Kids Voting will be available:

Precinct(s) and Location

Bridgewater Tsp. 500 Railway St. S., Dundas
Forest Millersburg Blvd.
Northfield Tsp. 110th St. & Jacobs Ave.
Webster Webster
Greenvale Tsp. 25140 Cedar Ave., Farmington
Waterford 321st. St. W.(2 miles off Hwy.3
City of Dundas 216 Railway St. N., Dundas
City of Northfield 1-1 St. Dominic’s Church
1-2 United Church of Christ
2-1 City Hall
2-2 United Methodist Church
3-2 Emmaus Baptist Church
3-3 Bethel Luterhan Church
4-1 St.John’s Luth. Church
4-2 NCRC

If you do not reside within one of these precincts and have a child who would like to participate in Kids Voting, you may bring your child to one of the available precincts.

Contact Matt Hillmann at (507) 645-­‐3458 for more information.