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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 09.03.10

September 1, 2010

Today’s Program: The Life & Times of Ingrid Sampo

Happy Birthday:  Jean Larson (9/1) and Judy Brown-Wescott (9/4) .

Next Week: Bike Tour Marching Orders!

Last Meeting:

After reading a book by legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, Rob Bierman knows it is not all about Xs and Os. Wooden’s definition of success is giving 100 percent effort and persevering.  Rob, a youth basketball coach, says this has application in business as well as basketball

Red Cross Volunteer Bill Kleis

Bill Kleis has seen his share of trauma and misery as a Red Cross volunteer. A licensed clinical psychologist, he brings his skills in listening, empowering and caring to those who have lived through major calamities such as: Oklahoma tornadoes, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, floods and more. It can be gut-wrenching work, but he said he has witnessed remarkable acts of selflessness and resilience. His blessing, he said, is being able to work with caring people.  He and his fellow volunteers enter quietly and work to earn people’s trust. They offer progressive stages of service: crisis intervention, defusing, debriefing and then attending. What often carries victims and volunteers through is the humor. “You notice the humor,” he said. “Thank God for the humor.”


Guests: Nikolaj Svendsen (Dilley), Miguel  Carvelho (B. Abdella), Sandy Giesmer (Fenton), Phyllis Milbrandt (S. Richardson) and Tim Madigan (Myron Solid).

Scholarship Enhancement: Long-time caller, first-time winner Russ Halverson


Peg Prowe wants you to sign up for a bike tour task. We need everyone.

—  Jim Blaha thanked Mark Quinnell and State Farm Agency for donating $1,000 to this year’s Kids’ Voting project.

Welcome exchange students

Nikolaj Svendsen — He comes from Koge, Denmark. His counselors are Brad Frago and Michelle Laswell.

Philippa Wenzl — She comes from Uelzen, Germany. Her counselors are Mark and Susan Quinnell.

Miguel Carvalho — He comes to us from Na tal, Brazil. His counselors are Blake and Beth Abdella.

Marion Arpin — She comes from Seynod, France. Her counselors are Pat and Dawn O’Neill.

Coming Up:

Sept. 11 – Jesse James Bike Tour

Sept. 16 -Michelle Muench, MD, Modern Opthamology Surgery ( O’Neill)

Welcome Our Newest Member:

Beth Bergmans