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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 8.26.10

August 26, 2010


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, August 29, 2010

Today’s Program: Bill Kleis, Red Cross psychologist, 9/11 support person (Milbrandt)

Happy Birthday:  Hannah Puczko (8/28)

Next Week: Ingrid Sampo, Classification

Last Meeting:

Ivan Imm’s formative years were spent in that transitional phase when the convenience of central heating and running water had not yet visited every corner of rural Minnesota. He grew up in southwestern Minnesota and Spring Valley. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, taught for a while and then went into Public Administration. Ivan spent most of his career working and living in Madison, Wisc, There, he also served on the city council and planning commission. He married and had two children. He continues to do contract work for colleges and universities in the area.

Ivan was host last week to his sister-in-law, Ann Richards, who recently returned from 27 months tour of duty with the Peace Corps in Romania.  She lived in the northwest corner of the country in a large city, where she taught English. She described Romania as a blend of old world charm, natural beauty and technological sophistication. Life in Romania unfolds with the majestic Carpathian Mountains as a backdrop. It is a land of Gypsies and gymnasts, lush countryside and medieval buildings. Holidays are authentic, noncommercial events. The biggest challenge, Ann said, is to inject a spirit of civic involvement into the culture.


New Member: Beth Bergmans was formally inducted into the club. Vicky Dilley is her sponsor.

Guests: Nikolaj Svendsen (Frago); Marion Arpin, our inbound exchange student from Seyonod, France, and her host mom, Jody Lundell, (Dilley); Tim Madigan (Rossing); and Robert Serez  (Kurt Larson

Scholarship Enhancement: Candy Taylor


Jack Hoschouer and Missi Arens have bike tour posters available. If you have a spot in your business, or I suppose your home if you entertain a lot, they would appreciate the exposure.

— Charlie Cogan said plans are developing for a polio plus/ALS fundraiser in conjunction with the St. Olaf-Carleton Cereal Bowl on Saturday, Oct. 16. If you can help or simply like cereal, see Charlie.

— President Weber reported that 75 people attended the cookout August 18 at The Key. It represented the first step in forging a working relationship with The Union of Youth to help with the acquisition of their property on Sixth Street and future programming.

Coming Up:

Sept. 9 – Bike Tour Chalk Talk

Sept. 11 – Jesse James Bike Tour

Sept. 16 -Michelle Muench, MD, Modern Opthamology

Surgery ( O’Neill)

Welcome Our Newest Member:

Beth Bergmans