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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 6.24.10

June 23, 2010

Today’s Program: Jeff Pesta, Northfield Middle School Principal (Maus)

Happy Birthday: David Koenig (6/21), Mary Rossing (6/22), Ray Cox (6/26) and Richard Collman (6/26)

Next Week: Legislative Update from Rep. David Bly and State Senator Kevin Dahle

Last Meeting:

Art Monaghan’s boyhood friend, Mike Grimm, keeps the common man entertained with his play-by-play commentary for Gopher basketball on WCCO-radio. He also does the pre-and post game shows and the Tubby Smith show.

He spends about three hours per game researching the stats and creates a cheat sheet, which he passed around for our inspection. He made sure we all remembered that Anthony Jacobs of Northfield is currently playing for the Gophers football team. He also reminded us that a former Northfield resident, Jim Molinari, briefly coached the Gophers, and that the legendary John Wooden almost signed on to coach the Gopher basketball team, but an untimely snowstorm delayed the communication and he ended up at UCLA.

Mike got his start doing the overnight shift at an Iowa radio station. It gave him valuable experience and prepared him to move on to cover the St. Louis Cardinals. He covered the Rams’ trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans and saw Dennis Rodman singing in a band and throwing beer cans at bar patrons. The first college game Mike ever announced was Luther vs. St. Olaf, here in Northfield. He was a student at Luther at the time.

He loves the new TCF football stadium and notes that the Gophers football team has a very tough schedule this year. He reports that Tubby loves his job here, and we shouldn’t worry about him leaving.

The Pokorney Trifecta

Paul Harris Fellowship: Jim Pokorney honored his wife, Sue, with a Paul Harris Fellowship. He likened the award to the Wizard of Oz presenting a college diploma to the Scarecrow or a badge of honor to the Cowardly Lion. In other words, Sue does not see herself as a particularly “giving” person, but her list of generous acts in the community would fill the rest of this page.

Marston Headley Award: In what may be an unprecedented act of serendipity, Charlie Cogan THEN announced the winner of the Marston Headley “Service Above Self” award. It happened to be Jim Pokorney! Never at a loss for words, Jim gracefully accepted the unexpected honor. He asked the rhetorical question “Why do people get rewarded for doing what they enjoy?” and then…..

Scholarship Enhancement: Who else, but the ubiquitous Jim Pokorney?

Guests: Michael Gunderson (Fenton), Nancy Amerman (Hoschauer), Susan Pokorney (Pokorney), Dawn O’Neill (O’Neill), Candy Nordine (Nordine), Nalongue Cogan (Cogan).

Coming Up:

July 8 – Elder Collegium. (B. Carlson, Lufkin)

July 15 – Missi Ahrens, Classification.  (Williams)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Dayna Clemment, Peter Schmelzer, Mark Henke, Nancy Amerman