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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 4.1.10

March 30, 2010

Today’s Program: Manger Inn: Ten Year Update, Mike Behr (Caskey)

Happy Birthday: Al Alberg 3/26, Yogi Reppmann 3/27

Next Week:  Neal Lutsky, Fountain Pen

Last Meeting:

Giving back to the community is the aspect of McDonald’s Restaurants that inspires Colleen VanBlarcom the most in her career as owner and manager.  Through local sponsorships and through the well known Ronald McDonald Houses, McDonald’s values are those of Rotary and that is what attracted Coleen to join our club.

Colleen continues her family’s near record setting era of operating McDonald’s restaurants.  Her father has owned and managed McDonald’s for over 50 years.  A graduate of Regina High School in Minneapolis and UW La Crosse, Colleen loves to coach, develop and train people in her role of owner and manager of McDonald’s Restaurants.

Coleen, her husband Rick and their children Jesse, Ryan and Luke, enjoy their active lives here in Northfield.  Thanks Coleen, for an informative classification program and welcome to Northfield Rotary!

Honoring Rotarians: John Ophaug provided a nice tribute to three former Rotarians, friends and mentors whom many of us remember fondly: Les Gustafson, Marston Headley and Sam Haugen.

Guests: Michelle Yarmakov (Dilley), Luisa Teixera de Paula

Scholarship Enhancement: Vicki Dilley


The board has chosen to support the KEY’s effort to find a new home as our local “big idea” project.  Jane Fenton read a nice thank you letter from members of the KEY who are looking forward to working with us.

Nominations are in order for this year’s Marston Headley Service Above Self Award. Candy Taylor has forms.

Directors and Committee Chairs; Please mark April 30 on your calendars for a Club Planning Session – details to follow.

Mark Abbott shared the criteria for narrowing the focus of the decision as to which International Service Projects our club will fund.  The committee is down to two finalists, a brick making machine for a project in Thailand and water wells in India.

Coming Up:

April 15 – Mama Tesha, founder and current principal of the primary school, St. Margaret’s Academy, in Arusha, Tanzania and her principal,  Mr. Michael Magaya, host (Carlson)

April 22 – Nigerian GSE (Lee Dilley)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Dayna Clemment

Peter Schmelzer