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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 3.4.10

March 3, 2010

Today’s Program: State Budget, Legislative Update with our own Charlie Kyte

Happy Birthday: Tom Stringer (3/1), George Soule (3/3), Kevin Rodgers (3/4, Pat O’Neill (3/5) and Mark Quinnell (3/7)

Next Week: Roberto Pedros Bretos on his exchange year.

Last Meeting:

Kathy Westlund, a nurse with Northfield Hospice, a service of Northfield Hospital & Clinics, said hospice provides in-home care for people in their last stages of life. Usually it is designed for those who will die within six months, if their disease follows a normal course.

Her agency uses a team of professionals — physicians, nurses, social workers, ministers — and volunteers to address the needs of the patient and the family. The hospice nurse is at the center of it all, serving as a case manager. Medicare and most insurance cover hospice services and equipment, Kathy said.

Northfield Hospice works with all of the physicians and clinics in town to serve a 20-mile radius of the community. Besides providing services in people’s homes, they also provide hospice services to those in other locations, such as Reflections on the Three Links Campus, nursing homes, or other private entities.

Every hospice patient’s journey is different, Kathy said. Her program is very flexible. They work hard to listen to the needs and wishes of the patients and their families. “Almost anything can work,” she said, “if you give patients a choice.”

Family disputes can be minimized if people have living wills. She encouraged us all to make one out.

Guests: Beth Kallestad (Kaczmarek), LaNelle Olson and Bill North (Prowe) and Luisa and Roberto (Taylor).

Scholarship Enhancement: David Halsor


Brasil and Back was an unqualified success. It was a great “social” event, the costumes were show stopping, all in all a great marketing opportunity for our exchange program. Best of all it was a financial success. It netted Rotary $7,500, $1,500 beyond our goal. Great work Rotarians!

The district exchange overnight went well Feb. 20-21. Our people received good marks for its use of the senior center and we are invited back.

President-elect Chris Weber said the last two “big ideas” for our local project are still being evaluated.

Charlie Cogan attended the centennial celebration for the Minneapolis and St. Paul Rotary Clubs. Rotary International President John Kenny spoke at the event.

Coming Up:

March 18 – Library Centennial, Margit Johnson, Lynne Young (Lane)

March 25 – Colleen Van Blarcom (Tiano)

April 1 – Manger Inn: Ten Year update, Mike Behr (Caskey)

April 8 – Neil Lutsky, Fountain Pen

April 15 – Mama Tesha, founder and current principal of the primary school, St. Margaret’s Academy, in Arusha, Tanzania and her principal,  Mr. Michael Magaya, (Carlson)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Dayna Clemments

Peter Schmelzer