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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 11.19.09

November 19, 2009

Today’s Program: Matthew Rich Classification Talk

Happy Birthday: Jim Prichard 11/17, Art Monaghan 11/25, Sam Gett 11/27

Next Week: No Meeting – Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!

Last Meeting:

The Japanese writing system is one of the most complicated in the world and Michael Flynn has been studying it for years. Mike is Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Linguistics Department at Carleton College which he founded in 1986. Mike has been a Visiting Professor of Linguistics at Waseda University and Keio University (both in Tokyo), as well as a visiting Professor in the Associated Kyoto Program (a two-year study abroad program) at Doshisha University in Kyoto.

Although Japan has one the very highest literacy rates in the world, Japanese students must spend years learning the written characters that have evolved from the 8th century written language of China. The fact that each character has multiple pronunciations and meanings makes the task even more challenging.

Past President Comments:

Rick Esse, club President in 2001-02, praised Rotary for its commitment to Paul Harris’ values of friendliness, tolerance and usefulness. Rick graduated from Albert Lea HS and St. Olaf College, and has been in the advertising business throughout his career, currently working with Neuger Communications Group.

Guests: Russ Halvorson and our two exchange students Luisa from Brazil and Roberto from Spain.

Scholarship Enhancement: Earl Crow


Turkey Run Volunteers please meet after today’s meeting with Mike Lane for your assignments.

This fall’s Jesse James Bike Tour provided net income of $27,000! From this total $18,000 will be donated to the Mill Town Trail project.

Please contact Jody Fritz if you can help during the Dec. 12 basketball tournament.

Save These Dates:

Dec. 12 – Rotary Basketball Tournament at Carleton.

Jan. 2 – Rotary Social at the Grand Event Center.

Feb. 20 – Youth Exchange Fund-raiser – “To Brazil and Back”.

Coming Up:

Nov. 26 – No Meeting – Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Dec. 3 – Fred Rogers on How the Economy is affecting Carleton College (Hargis)

Dec. 10 – Rotary Club Project Discussion