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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 8.13.09

August 12, 2009

Today’s Program: Matthew Detert Classification (Reese)

Happy Birthday: Rotarians around the world. Congratulations on another lap around the sun.

Next Week: This is going to be good (Halsor)

Last Meeting:

Karna Halverson, chair of the Northfield Area Foundation, said as the organization celebrates its 15th anniversary, she wants to bring it out of the shadows and help more people learn about its work.

The foundation was created in 1993 as a community endowment. It receives, manages and disburses resources to the benefit of the larger Northfield community. Contributions from individuals, families, businesses and charitable organizations build the endowment. The gifts are never spent; they are invested. The yield supports the work of local community organizations from the Community Action Center and Project SIGHT to Epic Enterprises and HealthFinders. The foundation has benefited from two major gifts, one from Dorothy and Marston Headley in 2000 and another from the Ruth Nutting Family in 2006..

Last year, the foundation awarded more than $25,000 in grants to 10 community projects that addressed community needs in the areas of youth education, diversity and the environment.

Karna encouraged people with questions or comments on the work of the foundation to contact her.

Rotary Member Minute – Ken Bank said his 21-year tenure in Rotary has been a great experience. He chose this club because of its vibrancy and capacity for getting things done, both locally and abroad. He said he has not been disappointed and will heartily recommend membership to his successor.

Guests: Austin Enriquez Wakely (Wakely) and Elvira (Dilley)


Keith Covey encouraged members to attend ArtSwirl events coming up this week.

John Stull brought greetings from former member John Jackson, who is still sailing his boat.

Our “To China and Back” T-shirts received prominent play in a recent Northfield News photo. Russ Margulius and his table tennis partner were wearing them as they practiced for an upcoming tournament.

Hattie Ryan, daughter of member Steve Ryan, has arrived in Brazil for her outbound year.

Coming Up:

August 15 – Dedication of the Peg Prowe Pedestrian Bridge, 9 a.m.

Welcome To Our New Members:

Missi Arens – Matthew Detert – John Fossum – Jodi Fritz

Ivan Imm – David Koenig – Leo Lawlor – Matthew Rich

Mary Rossing –Ingrid Sampo – Mark Thacher

Ross Thompson – Therese Whitesong – Colleen VanBlarcom