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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | Thursday | 3.5.09

March 5, 2009

Today’s Program: Fundraising Proposal for a Roof on a School Building in Togo (Cogan)

Birthdays: George Soule (3/3) Kevin Rodgers (3/4)

Pat O’Neill (3/5) Mark Quinnell (3/7) Bob Will (3/8)

Next Week: Paul Niemisto and the Vintage Band Festival (Caskey)

Last Week:

Matheus Mattos, one of our very capable inbound exchange students, gave us a comprehensive view of his home area of Rondonopolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Situated in Central Brazil in an agricultural area, Rondonopolis is a modern city growing rapidly as a transportation hub and manufacturing center for textiles, fertilizer, soybean oil and biodiesel fuel. Several international companies including ADM have plants there.

Matheus showed us many pictures of his city and the surrounding natural areas, which include beautiful rivers, forests, waterfalls, caves and early rock paintings.

The local soccer team has a great following, although legend has it that a local woman who was not paid for laundering the team’s uniforms put a curse on the team thus explaining its lack of a winning record. Thanks, Matheus, for an excellent presentation.

Guests: All Inbound Exchange students, six of next year’s Outbound Exchange students, Julie Schaplowski (Wakely), David Koenig (Reese), Susan and Evan Quinnell, Tony and Kourtney Huettl (Quinnell)

Scholarship Enhancement: Emelda Rasmussen

New Paul Harris Fellows: Congratulations to Linda Willgohs and Wayne Abdella for joining the ranks of our club’s Paul Harris Fellows.


Best wishes to Bill Cupp who is recovering from surgery.

Thanks to all who helped make the recent Social a success!

Nominations of club members deserving of this year’s Marston Headley Service Above Self Award may be sent to John Stull, Peggy Prowe or Charlie Cogan.

New members may contact Richard Maus who is generously offering copies of his autobiography that details his experiences having contracted polio as a young child.

Please update your member profiles for the Rotary website. You may contact Ed Lufkin with updates at Thanks, Ed for working on this project!

Host families and drivers are needed for the GSE team from India, which will visit the Northfield area April 13 – 16. Please contact Lee Dilley if you can be of help.

Coming Up:

March 19 – Richard Collman, classification

March 26 – Pablo Maldonado of Ecuador (Taylor)

April 2 – Steve Ryan, classification (Cogan)

April 9 – Virginia Kaczmarek, classification (Cashman)

April 16 – GSE team from India (Dilley)

Welcome To Our New Members:

Matthew Detert – John Fossum – Jodi Fritz – Frank Grazzini – Matthew Rich – Mary Rossing – Mark Thacher – Therese Whitesong – Colleen VanBlarcom