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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | Thursday | 3.19.09

March 18, 2009

Today’s Program: Richard Collman Comes Clean

Birthdays: James Truax (3/16), Frank Grazzini (3/17), and Rich Lorang (3/21)

Next Week: Pablo Maldonado of Ecuador (Taylor)

Last Week:

It’s back! Our lovable musical maniac, Paul Niemisto, is bringing the Vintage Band Music Festival back to Northfield in 2010. He’s planning 50 concerts by 15 bands over four days, August 5-8. He will be staging the event in cooperation with the Historic Brass Society, New York, and Northfield’s ARTSWIRL.

His vision is a reprise of 2006, absent the brutal heat. He plans to use downtown Northfield and surrounding neighborhoods as outdoor music venues and have bands performing from noon to midnight throughout the four days.

Bands from the East Coast, Minnesota and Wisconsin are eager to return, and Paul is hoping to bring in some new sounds from Switzerland, St. Petersburg, Russia and beyond.

Paul estimates that 12,000 people attended the concerts in 2006. He raised $37,000 to make it happen. He is starting the planning for 2010. If you are interested in helping, there is more information at or contact:

Paul Harris Fellow: Vicki Dilley made a surprise presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship she purchased in honor of her husband, Lee. Lee said he was pleased to be a member of a club that invested so much in the community.

Guests: Exchange students, Gunnar Swanson and Dina Festler (Reese); Angie Wakely (Wakely).

Scholarship Enhancement: Linda Willgohs


Nominations of club members deserving of this year’s Marston Headley Service Above Self Award may be sent to John Stull, Peggy Prowe or Charlie Cogan.

One host family is still needed for the GSE team from India, which will visit the Northfield area April 13 – 16. Please contact Lee Dilley if you can be of help.

Members are invited to attend the District Conference April 17-19 in River Falls. The topic is “sustainability.” Among the speakers are Tom Henderson, founder of Shelter Boxes, and Ann Bancroft of Arctic exploration fame.

Rick Estenson, president-elect, invited interested parties to a planning session on Wednesday, April 22.

Coming Up:

April 2 – Steve Ryan, classification (Cogan)

April 9 – Virginia Kaczmarek, classification (Cashman)

April 16 – GSE team from India (Dilley)

Welcome To Our New Members:

Matthew Detert | John Fossum | Jodi Fritz | Grazzini | Matthew Rich

Mary Rossing | Mark Thacher | Therese Whitesong | Colleen VanBlarcom