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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | Thursday | 2.26.09

February 26, 2009

Today’s Program: Matheus Mattos presents (Dilley)

Birthdays: James Schlichting (2/25) and Tom Stringer (3/1)

Next Time: Charlie Cogan and the Togo School Roof Project

Last Week:

Maybe they’re right. Maybe economics is the dismal science. We weren’t exactly skipping out of Rotary two weeks ago when Bill Carlson explained how our economy jumped the tracks. By the time we were done, I was looking forward to my afternoon root canal.

Actually, Bill did a great job of making a complex topic accessible to the non-economist. Lots of interacting forces, but the problem seems to be that we have been living large on borrowed money. As individuals, we used our houses as ATMs until the housing bubble burst. As a country, we’ve allowed China and Saudia Arabia to finance our excess spending. The good old USA is not producing enough of what others around the world want to buy, and we turned to opaque, financial wizardry and an overheated housing market to make it all work.

Now we have our day of reckoning. Bill says a stimulus program is warranted. And he would line up on the side that advocates for government spending over tax cuts. He said putting people to work is the shortest path for injecting money into the economy.

Rotary Minute: Rick Estenson, membership chair, reminded us how important new members are to revitalizing the club and sustaining its mission. If you have ideas about good prospects, he would like to know about them.

Guests: Lauren Blacik (Prowe),

Scholarship Enhancement: Mark Thacher, who shared his good fortune with the Northfield Food Shelf.


Rotarians in the district are eligible to join the next Fast for Hope delegation to Nicaragua, which is scheduled for May 7 through May 17. Preference will go to Rotarians who have not previously gone. The purpose of this delegation will be to learn about Nicaragua and sustainable economic development and to deepen connections with the community of Masaya. The cost should not exceed $1,300. Each Rotarian will pay for his/her own airfare (this is the biggest variable), food, lodging, entry and exit fees and any other miscellaneous expenses.

Coming Up:

March 12 – Paul Niemisto, Vintage Band Festival (Caskey)

March 19 – Richard Collman, classification

March 26 – Pablo Maldonado of Ecuador (Taylor)

April 2 – Steve Ryan, Classification, (Cogan)

April 9 – Virginia Kaczmarek, Classification, (Cashman)