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Rotary Cogwheel | Thursday | 1.29.09

January 29, 2009

Today’s Program: Ryota Kimura of Japan (Taylor)

Birthdays: Judge Tom Neuville (1/31)

Next Time: Jeff Johnson, new owner of KYMN-radio

Last Week: 

To call Friends Anonymous an organization or an agency does not really do justice to the spirit behind it all. It is a “giving circle,” a small group of people who meet regularly to consider short-term needs of community members who are in a financial crisis. Their guiding principle is we are all friends in one form or another. No bureaucracy, limited fund-raising, the dozen or so people in the group reach into their own pockets each month to extend a hand anonymously to those identified by community sponsors.

Marty Marzoff, Paul and Barbara Krause, Vicki Dilley, Jean Wakely, Jim Blaha, Sharon Vangsness and Judy Wescott-Brown told the story last week. They see themselves as a safety net beneath the community safety net, providing help and hope by extending aid for specific needs such as a car repair, an alarm clock or rent, a helping hand over a financial hump. They distribute between $5,000 and $7,000 a year. If they have the money, they put it to work.

“We feel like we’re doing our work if the balance (in our bank account) is close to zero.” said Vicki.

Friends Anonymous meets every third Friday morning at Vicki’s house and discusses the requests. All are welcome. They have a web site and an e-newsletter. If you would like to make a donation, drop off a check or cash at First National Bank in Northfield.

Guests: Angie Koch (Fenton)

Scholarship Enhancement: Jim Blaha to the rescue


Rob Bierman announced that the winter social will be Thursday, Feb. 19, from 6 to 8 p.m. at The Grand Event Center. The evening will include hors d’oeurvres, fellowship and wine tasting.

Two more outbounds from Northfield have been accepted for next year’s exchange program. Ruth Amerman will be going to Lithuania and Rachel Stets to the Czech Republic.

Good news on the polio eradication front. Charlie Cogan announced that the Gates Foundation has increased its matching pledge to the Polio Eradication Campaign from $100 million to $355 million, and Rotary International has upped its match to $200 million.

Margie Shuster’s grandmother died recently while she is on exchange. The club sent its condolences to her.

Reggie Haslett-Marroquin was recognized for being this year’s recipient of the Northfield Sertoma Club’s Service to Mankind Award.

Larry Defries and Jim Truax have resigned from the club; Mary  Rossing, our new mayor, has submitted an application for membership.

Angie Koch, executive director of HealthFinders, reported that a key grant for HealthFinders was not renewed. If you have creative ideas for helping them fill this financial void, contact Angie.

Coming Up:

February  12 – Bill Carlson speaking on the State of the Economy

February 19 – Winter Social, Grand Event Center, No noon meeting;

February 26 – Matheus Mattos of Brazil – Vicki Dilley