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Cogwheel | Thursday | 10.30.08

October 29, 2008

Today’s Program: Victoria Dennis, Classification (Benson)

Happy Birthday: Kurt Reufenacht

Next Week: Wayne Abdella, Classification (Blake Abdella)

Last Week:

Based on the number of bikes and scooters Stew Erickson and Judy Freund observed in their brief trip through Northfield last week, the Hudson, Wis, Rotarians believe Northfield has great potential to become a sustainable community.They see Rotarians as agents of change, and they believe a move toward local practices that support sustainability will have far-reaching implications for the broader world. They advocate evaluating local policies and practices by these standards: Are they ecologically sound; are they economically viable and are they socially just and humane.

“It sounds like they four-way test, ” Stew reminded us.

Their goal is to persuade 30 Rotary clubs to initiate sustainable study circles. They envision regional conversations where communities look for ways to support each other’s sustainable visions. It’s not about building walls around your town, they said.

Support for this movement is coming from many places on the cultural spectrum. There is a faith-based initiative called Congregations Caring for Creation, Stew said. Its two primary themes are: practice good stewardship and never wage war over resources.

Guests: Melissa Reeder (Young), Rianna Dilley (Dilley), Charlie Skinner (Cashman), Therese Whitesong (Wakely), Mathew Detert (Reese), Colleen Von Blarcom (Tiano), Ann Bretts (Williams)Scholarship Enhancement: Melissa Reeder and Jody Fritz won “The Natural Step” book.


It’s crunch time for Kids Voting. We’ll be covering 12 precincts for three shifts and five others for two shifts. Rick Estenson explained that the project is designed to form good citizenship habits and to demystify the process for our next generation of voters. Volunteers are still needed. Contact Jim Blaha or Rick if you can help on November 4.

Melissa Reeder, IT director for the City of Northfield, invited members to contribute to a discussion about fiber optic feasibility for Northfield. There will be an open house on Thursday, Nov. 6, 7 to 9 p.m. at City Hall for that discussion. For more information, contact Melissa at

President Williams announced there will again be a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. It is a fundraiser for the PolioPlus campaign. More to come.

Charlie plugged the Paul Harris Foundation and presented Paul Harris Society Pins to Chris Weber and Brett Reese in recognition of their support for the foundation.

Coming up:

Nov. 13 – Peruvian medical/dental mission trips with St. Olaf students, (Jerry Appeldoorn)