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Cogwheel | Thursday | 9.25.08

September 25, 2008

Today’s Program: South Central College’s Engineering Program (Blake Abdella)

Birthdays: Jack Hoschauer (9/22), Bill Cupp (9/23) and Jim Blaha and Gerhard Meidt (9/27).

Next Week: Reggie’s Classification Talk

Last Week:

Tyler Martinson’s exchange year took him to his ancestral home — Sweden. His great-great-grandfather emigrated from the Island of Gotland. Tyler was able to visit there, walk the terrain and soak up the same sights viewed by his forefather.

Tyler found the Swedes to be, shall we say, people of conviction and persistence, who value order and organization. They live in a social democracy and tolerate high taxes because of their appetite for services and a tight social safety net. The wave of immigration from the Middle East is changing the profile of Sweden, he said.

Tyler lived in Uppsala, the fourth largest city in Sweden, and shared time with two host families. He attended a school that was established in the 13th century. He was able to travel some, once reaching above the Artic Circle where he stayed in the famed “Ice Hotel.”

Tyler is now attending Macalester College in St. Paul, where he is planning to study international relation or linguistics.

Good Neighbor: Larry Turner, longtime Northfield city employee and the driving force behind Northfield’s veterans’ memorial, received the Northfield Rotary Good Neighbor Award. Larry thanked Rotary for its support and said the award reflects upon many, many people who contributed to the project.

Guests: Exchange students Elisa “Scooter” Skytte from Denmark, Ryota Kimura from Japan, Pablo Maldonado from Ecuador and Matheus Mattos from Brazil (Estenson); Amy Boxrud (Boxrud); Nalongue Cogan (Cogan); Gordon Rasmussen (Estenson); Deb Rasmussen and Jill Heasley (Wakely); Margaret and Bud Martinson (Tyler Martinson); Riana Dilley (Estenson); Hattie Ryan, Sophie Jokela and Kevin and MacKenzie O’Connell (Ryan)

Scholarship Enhancement: Jim Blaha


Faye Caskey and Suzanna Ciernia urged Rotarians to contribute to CROP Walk Sunday, Sept. 28. The walk begins at 2:30 p.m. St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Lynne Young invited members to participate in the Northfield Adult Spelling Bee Thursday, Sept. 25, at the Grand Event Center. It is a fundraiser for the library.

It was announced that Tom Stringer’s father had passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go to Tom and his family.

Coming Up:

October 9 —Mayoral Candidates, Fall Noon Picnic and Program at the Amermann Pavilion, Jefferson Pkwy at Maple St. So.

Welcome Our Exchange Students

Elisa “Scooter” Skytte from Denmark

Ryota Kimura from Japan

Matheus Mattos from Brazil

Pablo Maldonado from Ecuador