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Cogwheel | Thursday | 9.11.08

September 11, 2008

Today’s Program: Britta Bloomberg, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, “Historic Preservation: The Old and the New” (Wilmot).Birthdays: Bob Reitz (9/8).

Next Week: Tyler Martinson: Back from Sweden (Dilley)

Last Week:

Neil Lutsky may not be much of a historian, but he did fire up the troops for one of the most successful Jesse James Bike Tours on record.

The most charitable view is that Neil is a revisionist, insinuating bicycles into history at every turn, including the legendary James-Younger raid. So, we’ll just be charitable and leave it at that.

He gave a well-deserved nod to the Bike Tour Committee for coordinating this massive undertaking, our club’s largest fundraiser. Members of the committee are: Gary Bollinger, Judy Brown-Wescott, Ray Cox, David Halsor, Rick Esse, Brad Frago, Dean Johnson, Rich Lorang, Kari Sobeck, John Stull, Curtis Tiano, Tom Tollefson and David Wolf.

He reserved special thanks for Keith Covey, Jack Hoschouer and Peg Prowe for going above and beyond. Peg is famous for her success recruiting volunteers for the bike tour. Her motto, we’ve learned is: “You can get more with a kind word …and a gun, then with just a kind word.”

Pre-registration was robust. The weather report was good, and we fully expect to hear today about an extremely successful event.

Guests: Wayne Eddy (Reggie), Winnifred Alberg (Alberg), Judy King-Harvey, Mary Auge, Kris Vohs, Steve Janusz, Tim Lloyd, Keith Johnson and more, all bike tour volunteers (Williams).Scholarship Enhancement: Rob Martin


Keith Covey reported that Sam Studer arrived safely in Slovakia.

Earl Crow reported that his pen pal Ethan Neal, on exchange in Bolivia, has had a bad run. He was recently laid low with tonsillitis and then accosted by three robbers who took pretty much anything he had of value.

Coming Up:

Sept. 25 -South Central College’s engineering program (Blake Abdella)

Welcome exchange students

They and their host families are:

Elisa “Scooter” Skytte of Denmark (Jane and Noel Tetreault)

Ryota Kimura of Japan (Rob and Patricia Martin)

Matheus Mattos of Brazil (Tony and Kristi Huettl)

Pablo Maldonado of Ecuador (Lee and Vicki Dilley)