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Cogwheel for Thursday, Aug. 23, 2007

August 23, 2007

Today’s Program:

  • Laura Caleal, 2008 U.S. Women’s Open (Crow)
  • Birthdays: Craig Ellingboe (8/22)
  • Next Week: Mill Towns Trail – Friends Board

Last Week:

District Governor Claire Lillis asked a simple rhetorical question of us last week: “What will be your legacy?” he asked. “For what will each of us be remembered in terms of service?”

He said he believes we were put on this earth to serve others, and he walks the talk. His volunteer resume is long and impressive. He and his wife, in recent years, have been working to build an orphanage in Mexico.

Claire shared the vision our new international president, Wolf Wilkinson of Canada, has for the coming year. His emphases are membership development and Polio Plus, putting a punctuation mark on a disease that has proven to be a stubborn adversary in its latter throes. It will cost $3.5 billion to “finish this fight.” All but $3.5 million has been raised. Claire hopes to raise $90,000 from the district to help underwrite the campaign.

He also informed us of a new millennium project taking shape in Nicaragua. Proposals are now being submitted and a final decision will be made in the spring. Claire is not apologetic about his hope of eradicating poverty, worldwide, by 2025.

So now it us back to us. He said to think about our personal legacy of service and to “be rich with good works.”


Susie Beaumaster and Fred Faust (Neville), Lee Finholm, past District Governor, Kathy Stetman, Nancy Amerman, Molly Woerhlin and Catherine McBride (Cogan), Matthew Taylor and Javier Arevalo (Taylor).

Scholarship Enhancement: Candy Taylor


Rick Estenson paid tribute to all of the people who contributed to the community facilities that have been developed near Jefferson Parkway and Maple Street during the last few years. Jim Pokorney, Joel Welinski of the City of Northifeld, Charlie Cogan, and the late Jeff Amerman were instrumental in securing the land for the soccer complex. Ray Cox’s expertise was invaluable in getting the Amerman Pavilion built. The WINGS organization is largely responsible for the mist oasis and the Nutting family for the stone garden. Everybody’s Playground had a number of supporters, and the Al Haugen Bench will now finally find a home at the site. And, of course, Marilyn’s Place, a supportive housing project by the CAC and a beneficiary of the Rotary centennial gift., sits across the street.

“I compliment all of you,” Estenson said. “You were ready, willing and prepared to respond as the needs arose. It’s a wonderful club.”

Coming Up:

  • September 6 — Bike Tour – Final Preparations
  • September 8 — YIKES! BIKES!
  • September 13 — Counting the money